Manage Property Intelligently

Lubn connects you, guests and service providers so you have the freedom to manage property access from anywhere, anytime.


Property Manager

BnB Host

Store Owner

Service Provider


Why choose Lubn?


Easily attach or detach LubnBox from any properties whenever you want to share them. Wi-Fi is not needed.

Secure 1

LubnBox is protected by layers of encryption, and encased in an alloy armor that is tough.


Lubn informs you of property access in realtime while reminding guests and service providers to check-in/out.


LubnBox Key Magazine can hold up to 3 standard keys or combine a key fob if needed.

Weatherproof 2

From freezing winters to hot summers, LubnBox works rain or shine.

Traceable 3

You will know where your Lubnbox is located or if it is being tempered with.


"It all started with a personal problem"

"Lubn Makes Property Access Management Simple"

"Lubn offers an easily installed, smart key alternative to Amazon Key"

"the most intelligent lock box in the world for property owners"

"Bellevue PropTech Company Demos Smart Lockbox At CES"

"selected by Taiwan Tech Star to showcase their property management innovation"

"Lubn has revolutionized the realtors lock box"

"I’ve been looking for this solution." by Airbnb Host

"Lubn is designed to make life simple."

"Lubn created the world’s first 4G smart key lock box for property management."

Lubn makes hosting easy.

1. Click-on

Click LubnBox to a secure entry point of your choice.

2. Insert Keys

Insert keys or entry fob to LubnBox.

3. Manage Access

Intelligently manage and control your access schedule with Lubn App.

Grant your guests easy and secure access, with full control.

Your guest’s access is securely authenticated through our three-step verification process. Just call to check-in, and return the Key Magazine back to LubnBox for check-out.

Manage access at your fingertips

Intelligently manage properties, with guest scheduling, instant check-in/out notifications, and business summary features, all on your finger tips.



You decide who can access your property. Simply add your guest's phone number, set the permission level and the time of check-in and out.


Timeline and Calendar views provide you with full visibility and control of your access schedules.


Automated notifications will remind your guests and service providers of when to check-in/out; while informing you on guest checks-in/out in real-time.


With a quick glance, you will know if the Key Magazine has been returned, or learn how long before LubnBox batteries needs to be replaced.


Intelligent summary views help you understand and improve the performance of your rental business.

Property List

View and manage all your properties in a single app. You are always in control of all of your properties with Lubn App.

Tech Specs


220mm x 88mm x 60mm




4 AA, 580mAh lithium polymer


Aluminum alloy body

Key Mag Ext

57mm x 95.5mm x 10.2mm

Key Mag Int

7mm x 54mm x 82-85mm


Up to 3 regular keys




LubnBox can stand by for up to estimated 4 months with 4 AA batteries or 100-time check-in activities. The battery status is shown in Lubn App and notifications will be sent when the battery gets low. LubnBox uses dual power system. If the power is completely gone, just replace the AA batteries to charge the LubnBox and it will work again in a few minutes.

Yes, you can book your guest’s international phone number in the Lubn App. As long as your guests can make the local phone call displayed on LubnBox, Lubn system will be able to authentic the number and grant access. Good news is that Lubn system does not pick “up the phone”, so there will be no international calling fee for your guest.

Yes, a host can manage multiple LubnBoxes in one app.

LubnBox needs cellular connection and signal in order to work properly. If there is no cellular signal at your property, or if the signal is too weak, we would recommend that you look for an alternative solution.

There are two ways to know if the cellular signal is strong enough:
1) Use the built-in feature of LubnBox; just power-on your LubnBox WITHOUT the Key Magazine, and it will warn you if the cellular signal is too weak by displaying “no network connection” in the message screen.
2) If you do not have your LubnBox, you can do the following cellular signal tests to determine if Lubn is the right solution for you.

Testing with iPhone: Call *3001#12345#* and you will enter the Field Test mode. On the upper left, you will see the number that represents the cellular signal strength at your current location. Test result must be greater or equal to -100 for Lubn to work properly.

Testing with Android Phone: Follow the navigation sequence: Settings → About Phone → Status (or Network) → view Signal Strength (or Network Type and Strength). An alternate navigation sequence for some Android phones is: Settings → More Options (or More Settings) → About Phone → Mobile Networks → view Signal Strength. Test result must be greater or equal to -100 for Lubn to work properly.

(Note: The result or number must be greater than, or equal to -100, in order for LubnBox to work properly. For example, if the test result is -101, then the signal strength is too weak to install LubnBox.)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires wireless carriers to include backup electric power at most cell sites. As long as LubnBox is able to connect to the carrier wireless network, LubnBox will work.

Yes, you can always relocate your LubnBox when you need it for managing different properties. Simply retrieve the original Key Mag, and then use the Master Key to open the locking arm. Replace with new key mag and reattach LubnBox to your new property.

LubnBox is a smart key box and can help you manage property access that accepts keys or a key fob. As long as the smart lock can be accessed by a key or a key fob, LubnBox can help.

First, smart door locks are designed for a single entry, while LubnBox allows multiple guests to access without you having to change the smart door lock codes or keys. Second, most smart door lock systems require you to replace your existing door lock, which may not be desirable, plus, labour and installation is required. Lastly, most smart door lock are operated by an app, and our research has shown that guests who are looking for temporary stays do not like to install a separate app, that will be used sparingly while traveling. Just remember that LubnBox requires no installations, setups, and no app installation required for your guests.

LubnBox verifies a guest’s access with our proprietary three-step verification process:
1. The guest must physically be at the location of the LubnBox during the time scheduled by the host.
2. The guest must dial the telephone number displayed on the LubnBox at time of arrival. This number is randomly displayed, and changes every time the LubBox is activated.
3. The guest must call from the mobile phone number that has been granted access by you.
LubnBox will only grant access to the property Key Magazine, once all three of the above authentications have been met - right time, right call-in number, and dialed from the right phone.

LubnBox was designed to provide the most flexibility on where it can be hidden/installed. This is only achievable by using cellular network, as Wifi would limit where LubnBox can be placed. Furthermore, with cellular connection, you can quickly detach, and reattach, to manage different properties without any Wifi setup.

1 All data transmission is encrypted and communicated through Secure Socket Layer.
2 LubnBox has been designed and tested to work between 20°F and 120°F. It will perform under normal weather conditions, in rain or shine. Although unnecessary, we recommend you install LubnBox under a shaded area, or cover for the longevity of your investment.
3 LubnBox reports its location data to Lubn Control Center during every check-in and check-out event. The accuracy of its geo-locator varies based on the location. If LubnBox has been disabled, Lubn Control Center will report via Lubn App, with the last detected location.
4 Host will need to activate LubnBox in the App first to create the bond/connection between the host and the device.
5 Some of the unique designs shown on Lubn videos and images may not be available in your area. Only the models, colors, and finishings shown on the order page are available at this time.