Lubn Inc


Connect and navigate all of your properties, devices, and visitors in one place.

Multi-property Management

Navigate and manage all properties on Manager Dashboard to securely and effectively keep track of every property access activity.

Access Scheduling

Provide visitors a smooth check-in experience with the access itinerary. No additional app needed for your visitors. Check-in securely with the time-based QR code.

Remote Check-in

For the visitor who stops by without reservation, Managers can still remotely release keys for her from afar.

Data Log

Keep track of the access data log. Data is securely stored in the cloud for Managers to review.

Tamper Alert

Managers will receive the realtime tamper alert as soon as unauthorized attempts are detected.

Data Analytics

Utilize Lubn’s built-in data analysis feature as supporting element for the CRM and performance tracking.

Booking API

Booking API is available for Enterprise customers. The API is designed to connect your online booking with Lubn Wireless Camera Key Box. As soon as you approve the visit, the access itinerary will be sent.